Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One Good Automobile

"Sally the Saturn has...FIVE seats!"
"Sally the Saturn has...FIVE seats!"
"Sally the Saturn has...FIVE seats!"
"And One Hundred Thousand Miiiiles!"

Yes, our 2001 Saturn SL2 has turned over 100,000 miles - 100,083 to be exact.

We've had her since she was new, in 2001.

Two batteries (one under warranty), one big accessory belt (also under warranty), one set of tires, one coolant temperature sensor, and one thermostat. Total cost to us over six years - less than $500. Toss in the cost of normal maintenance, such as oil changes, alignments and the like, and we're still well under $1500.

This is one good car.

Sally has been driven in California, Oregon, Washington, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida - and has never stranded us.

I expect that when our 12-year-old turns 16, Sally will haul her around in the same reliable style.

As a side note, summers in Jawja tend towards a LOT of hot - and Sally's A/C just keeps pouring out the cool, with no attention at all.

Like I said, one good car....

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