Saturday, December 15, 2007

Speaking English

OK, Geno's Steaks in South Philly is in the news again.

The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations is charging "intimidation" over a small sign in the business's window.

Here's what the Commission's lawyer had to say:

Paul M. Hummer, an attorney for the commission, testified earlier that the sign is not about political speech, but about "intimidation," and that it suggested business from certain individuals was not wanted.

See the story HERE.

So, what's the big hooha? What does that mean, nasty sign say?


Now, Geno's, being in Philly, has a... different take on "English". An order for a cheesesteak in Geno's might be like this: "Gimme a steak wit'" - the "wit" indicating a cheesesteak sandwich with onions and peppers.

And that's all the English you need to know.

For that major offense, the The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations has their collective knickers in a twist.

Jeezo, gimme a break here!

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