Saturday, June 16, 2007

The "Duke Lacrosse Rape Case" That Wasn't

Nifong has been disbarred. See the story HERE.

What that means is that even lawyers - a notoriously self-protective bunch - are agreed that Mike Nifong, District Attorney, "manipulated the investigation to boost his chances of winning his first election for Durham County district attorney. In doing so, he committed "a clear case of intentional prosecutorial misconduct" that involved "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation."

In other words, Nifong has undermined the justice system of the state of North Carolina so badly that no one, of any creed or color, can have any faith that they will be treated fairly in a North Carolina court.

That isn't the only bad thing that's happened.

Who will make amends to the unjustly accused?

Will the faculty of Duke University, oh-so-quick to accuse, step up? I think not.

Will the State step up? I think not.

Will the Bar step up? Lawyers? You gotta be kidding me!

Will Durham step up? Oh, yeah. Sure. Right.

Will those who said "Privileged white boys raped a black stripper for the hell of it" step up? Rev. Jackson? Rev. Sharpton? The silence is deafening.

ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/FOX? I'm listening...

This disgusting rush to judgement has been marked throughout by what is called "the race card".

I'm calling "bullshit" on Duke University, Durham, the State of North Carolina, the Bar, the Drive-by Media, and the so-called "Civil Rights Movement".

A pox on all of you.

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