Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Illegal Aliens In Our Midst

Illegal Aliens are the 800 pound political gorilla which simply will not go away.

Let's get a couple of definitions by example set up here first:

1. Juan sneaks across America's southern border with Mexico. He has no visa. He's an Illegal Alien.

2. Ibrahim enters America on a student visa. After graduating, he simply stays. His student visa has expired. He's an Illegal Alien.

3. Josette enters America on a tourist visa. She decides to stay. She's an Illegal Alien.

Let's say that all three of them marry, and have children born here in the US. The children are, by current interpretation of US law, US Citizens.

Let's further say that Juan, Ibrahim, or Josette come to the attention of The Law, and are convicted of a felony, and sent to the slam to do five-to-ten. At the completion of their sentence, the merest suggestion is made that they be deported.

Juan or Ibrahim have many supporters, all screaming that America is "racist" and "anti-immigrant". La Raza and CAIR have a field day. Josette is being supported by NOW and the French Embassy.

Out of the three, how many are actually deported?

Meanwhile, Colleen from Scotland, who is married to an American, and has a Green Card which needs to be renewed, has to jump through many hoops and devote two full working days to filling out forms and enduring interviews.

Meanwhile, Maria from Puerto Rico has to explain endlessly to booger eatin' mohrons who definitely should know better that Puerto Rico is AMERICAN territory, and that she is therefore an American citizen.

And our glorious Senate can't get their stuff in one sock.

In my next installment, Old Weird Ward solves the Immigration issue in two simple steps!

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