Sunday, June 3, 2007

Good Free Stuff

Another of the reasons that I've been MIA recently has been the instability of my primary home system.

I've had the same installation for two years, and I've been "doing these silly things so you don't have to" for all that time. What finally did happen was unexpected - the Linux install that shared my primary drive with Windows XP killed itself, and along the way it whacked bits and pieces of the partition table.

For those of you from Rio Linda, the entire system became unstable, and needed a complete rebuild.

So, I backed up all the data and started from the beginning. Six working hours later, I have a functinal, stable system.

Along the way, I found a couple of neat, and FREE utilities.

CCleaner (which stands for "Crap Cleaner") will help you clean up your Windows Registry. Get it HERE.

Page File Defrag is a product of SysInternals (which has been acquired by Microsoft), and can be found HERE.

Both of these are on OWW's List of Good Free Stuff, so get 'em while you can.

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