Monday, June 11, 2007

Yard Work in the Hot, Hot Sun

I have been burying a dog fence. An invisible dog fence. See HERE for details on the fabulous invisible dog fence. The reason I'm burying mine is to keep it really far away from the lawn mower.

The objective is to keep Tiny, Bruiser, and Ralph from running out into the middle of the street and getting their idiot doggie brains splatterd all over the road.

The start to this ugly affair was to lay the wire, then use a flat-bladed shovel to lift the sod, squeeze the wire in, and then stomp the sod flat again.

Two hours to go twenty feet and get a very nice blister on the right hand from running the fully-automatic shovel manipulator arm.

Step two was to rent a powered trencher.

One hour to acquire said trencher. One hour to run a trench three to six inches deep and two inches wide around the perimiter of about one acre.

One-half hour to return the trencher.

Two hours to complete the burying of the wire in the back yard - that is, lay the wire in the trench, make sure the wire lays flat, and fill in the trench. I have the assistance of Chickie a large part of the time, which helps a lot.

I'm now working on the front yard.

Due to weather, there's no living way in hell I'm going to get this thing done in less than three more days. The sun is bright and hot here in SE Jawja these days, my friend. The afternoon temps are 90F+, and the humidity is at 90%+. Even after 7PM, it's still 85F+ and 90%+. And don't forget, SE Jawja has the most amazing collection of biting bugs.

After the wire is done, THEN I'm going to start serious work on the young jungle of weeds that my alleged lawn has become.

This whole business reminds me rather forcefully why I originally thought that having a job in a nice air-conditioned bug-free office was a pretty good deal.

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Moogie said...

Goooooooooooooooooo! You are almost done. You can do it and then we don't have to worry about it any more..unless it breaks again...and I leave that part of it up to you. :)