Sunday, September 9, 2007

From Out of the Past

'Way back there, when I was young, immortal, and fairly good looking, I was in the US Navy, stationed aboard ships that were home-ported in San Diego, California. For the whole time I was there, the San Diego Union had a box, on the front page, counting the number of days that the USS Pueblo had been in the hands of North Korea.

Today I saw, buried on the inside of the Florida Times-Union (Georgia edition)a little blurb about the Pueblo. I can't find it in the on-line edition, so I did a little google, and found THIS. Then I looked at an on-line chart. Guess what? To get from Wonsan to Pyongyang requires a little trip in international waters, which was done in 1999, during the administration of Mr. Clinton.

Now, I'm not gonna snivel too much at Mr. Clinton's in-action - after all, many previous presidents completely ignored the status of the USS Pueblo.

But it looks like the Navy hasn't forgotten - the USS Pueblo is still carried as an active ship of the US Navy.

Of course, now that that's been drawn to the attention of the wusses in the State Department, there will be much hand-wringing as to how "provocative" we're now being...

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I was There Also USS Perkins DD877