Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still Alive, Just Not Kicking Much

There's a ton of stuff out there to comment on, in politics especially - politicians and what is described as "political thought" is a laughable combination.

One of the better ones is our local Sheriff, who's having a major kerfluffle with our County Commisioners.

Sheriff Bill Smith has been having difficulties with:

- County prisoners walking away from work details
- County prisoners working on private projects (a big no-no under Georgia law)
- A county prisoner that got access to a Sheriff's Office "personal
water-craft" (read "JetSki") and promptly ran it into a dock, breaking
various and sundry bones
- Arguments with the County Commission about the Sheriff's budget
- A purchasing agent misusing a Sheriff's Office credit card
- Sheriff Smith's use of a county car for personal business

On the gripping hand, the County Commissioners aren't having a real good time either. It has taken them two years to find a County Executive. The last one quit, for no reason that's ever been put before the public. Plus, of course, the fact that one of the Commissioners is an employee of the Sheriff's Office, (I know, sounds fishy, but she did get elected, and she does not vote on issues relating to the Sheriff's Office, which makes it OK, I guess.)

And the above is just the lowest of the low spots.

Use Google for "Sheriff Bill Smith", then select "News".

Jeez, I was going to write "I ain't died, yet", and look what happens! Damned addictive blog anyway....

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