Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Master Criminals of South Georgia - Update

I have a grim update to this post:

Amy Kern was released from custody, and has now gone from being a bit of a joke to being an accused murderer.

PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL -- Its an unusual description for an accused killer: "All American girl. Sweet."

Colin McCarthy says that is just one side of his ex-girlfriend, Amy Kern's personality. As accustomed as he was to seeing her smiling, happy face, he was not surprised to learn she admitted to fatally shooting her aunt's boyfriend and bludgeoning her grandmother to death with a tire iron.

OK, yeah, I poked more than a bit of fun at her and her unidentified "fiance" in my post. By definition, "Master Criminals" swinging axes and such are not wrapped too tight, and dammit, I did see some humor in that particular story.

I see no humor whatsoever in THIS part of the rest of the story.

That brings up a question: Am I going to stop highlighting "Master Criminals"?

No, I am not. I just hope that none of the future "Master Criminals" are as ill as Amy Kern.

My thanks (I think?) to commenter "Anonymous", who brought the rest of this sad and tragic story to my attention.

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